the things that we don't say

I passed TEM 8 !!!

Yes, I passed the exam for english major level 8.

To celebrate this, I am going to share the scans of Uehara Takuya's first photobook.... if no one shares before I scan it.

Now I can ask my mun to buy something I want and cannot afford.

Lovely day, though it's burning like hell outside.
the things that we don't say

Things to do

Gonna upload the stage show Last Days tomorrow. Hope I can finish Honpon in one go.

I will receive Uehara Takuya's first photobook early July and will scan it for sure. Dunno if I will upload and share or just give download link to my close friends. I really don't feel like sharing anything these days. Some people annoy me very much which makes me feel... unpleasant.

Nothing else. Commencement is tomorrow and I cannot sleep now though I'm tired.
the things that we don't say

Very awake which means I'm dead tomorrow

I should be in bed, sound and asleep, instead of sitting in front of my notebook watching dramas I did not finish last season.
This is not that serious. But I have shows to translate and I always fall asleep in noon if I did not sleep well the night before.
I dont feel like shaping DVD now. Not that I dont want more people to have access to their works. Its just that the upload speed is too slow and I dont know what happened. I will try again tomorrow and if its still not good, I will just make some screencaps and hope someone else will share.
the things that we don't say

You trying to kill me or what?!

See, Shota is working hard resently, musicals or stages one after one. And now he is selling this.

Okay, it's not selling. But I kind of feel like dead here cuz c'mom I don't need 3 sets of this, and I cannot afford spending so much on such thing since I am not graduated yet and I don't have a job now. BUT 3 sets with different pics on them? Feels like heaven.

Alright, I need to forget this. And when everything is in the past, I won't be so sad then, I'm pretty sure.

DVDs are coming tomorrow, and I'm deciding to buy my own serve and set up my personal site. Still have lots to figure out, but I'm sure everything will be bright.

Cold and tired, I need to lie down

I've been awake for more than 48 hours and it seems will not end so quickly.

Literature review is not done, and I don't know what to do now. So I just asked my friend to buy me a cappuccino after dinner. It's good, a little bit too sweet for me but still freshs me up.

Good news!!!

I just checked the state of the DVDs and they are on the way to my school.

I think I can have them on Tuesday. And I need to tell my dad to send my Student ID on Tuesday or I won't be able to take TEM8 (Test for English Major 8).
the things that we don't say

GOSH I need some rest... and another MIND!!!

Again, writing my thesis at 1am in the morning. Actually I'm writing literature review which is killing me cuz I cannot copy even one sentence from all the materials I've got and it's just the beginning of my final paper.

Wish I could figure out what to write in half an hour.

Anyway, I'm uploading YUKI TSUJIMOTO MUSIC CRIPS & OFFSHOT '02 [DVD] now. When I feel tired, I usually watch this DVD and it's... FUN. I mean, Tsuji-kun's really cute at that age. I think he looked younger than his really age. C'mon, he's 18 then, but my friend and I thought he's just... in primary school just kidding XD

I made some caps since it's still uploading and the speed is like 5kb/s or even less. It used to be more than 50kb/s last term, what's happening now? The only good news is that the internet won't be disconnected everyday 11pm.

I was trying to capture every file in this DVD, which is quite silly. I mean it would ruin the surprise of seeing this DVD yourselves. So I just made caps of the 2 PVs XD

Collapse )

Collapse )

That's all caps for now.

BTW, I'm about to receive my stage DVDs of  ふしぎ遊戯 and 熱風 EVOLUTION~ extra story of 天使の涙~. Not sure if someone would share these, if not, maybe I can rip them.

Okay, I should go back doing my paper now. Still have no idea what to write.
the things that we don't say

I'm so frustrated

So I was deciding to upload tsujimoto yuuki's CDs to mediafile, but it just always showed remaining a few seconds and never finished.

Then I decided to update my Chinese blog and these was a system error, so I did nothing.

As I'm writing this now, my computer does not feel like working and I cannot open some of the sofewares that I need to use.

I may just save some fics and lie down and have a early night then. *sign*